Ariana Grande Quotes About Love (2020)


9 Ariana Grande Quotes About Love

1. ”If we give a little love, maybe we can change the world.”


2. “Block out all the negative energy, and just love.”


3. “Baby, you got lucky cause you’re rocking with the best.”


4. “I can tell you’re curious, it’s written on your lips.”


5. “I’m so into you, I can barely breathe.”


6. “The best part about having true friends is that you can go months without seeing them and they’ll still be there for you and act as if you’d never left!”


7. “School is tough sometimes, but it’s all about knowing who your real friends are.”


8. “Of course I love music and I love what I do, but seeing their response to my work is my favourite part of it.”

9. “One of the most terrible feelings in the world is knowing that someone else doesn’t like you. Especially when you don’t know what you’ve done to deserve it.”


10. “You are beautiful and perfect and lovely HOWEVER you are.”

11. “When you feel your best, everybody else can feel it, too.”


12. “Too many young girls have eating disorders due to low self-esteem and distorted body image. I think it’s so important for girls to love themselves and to treat their bodies respectfully.”

13. “To be honest, I never really considered myself to be too much of an actress. So, whenever I get the chance to do music, I’m always, like, just in it. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, I finally get to do this. I’m so happy.’”

14. “People tend to think that because I’m a performer and I don’t go to a regular high school that I haven’t personally been affected by bullies. But it’s actually quite the contrary.”

15. “Never give up on something you love”

16. “Music is really driving my whole life.”

17. “Music is my biggest passion and Ive just been obsessed with it. Like, always.” Ariana Grande

18. “It’s outrageous to me when I see people hate on someone because of their sexuality. I hate the intolerance. I hate the judgment. I hate it so much.” Ariana Grande

19. “Take a load off, don’t take everything so seriously. And just be happier” Ariana Grande

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20. “Some people will find any reason to hate. Don’t waste ur time. Lighten up! It takes so much less energy to smile than to hate. Enjoy life.” Ariana Grande

21. “No matter what you do, no matter what your profession is, no matter how old you are, everybody deals with haters.” Ariana Grande

22. “Life is beautiful. Be thankful for everything. Destroy your ego. Free hugs. Sing your hearts out in the street. Rock ‘n roll.” Ariana Grande

23. “I’d love to fly. I think that’d be cool.” Ariana Grande

24. “I swore that I would never say I miss you more everyday but, some things are better left unsaid.” Ariana Grande

25. “I love, love, love just being hands on at all times in the studio.” Ariana Grande


26. “I love my fans so much! I know I say it all the time, but I really appreciate all the things they have done for me.” Ariana Grande

27. “I know that my fans will probably learn a lot about me by listening to my music, if they really listen to the lyrics.” Ariana Grande

28. “can’t believe how some of the most unfortunate people in the world can be the happiest. It’s just so enlightening to me.” Ariana Grande

29. “Everyone is beautiful, everyone is perfect, and everyone is lovely.” Ariana Grande

30. “Don’t ever doubt yourselves or waste a second of your life. It’s too short, and you’re too special.” Ariana Grande




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