10 Thoughtful Text Messages to Delight Your Beloved


Chivalry with a Touch of Romance: How to Cherish Your Beloved

Instead of seeing yourself as her chaperone, embrace gestures like pulling out her chair or holding the door as a beautiful way to express how much you treasure her. Treat her like the princess she is, and watch her face light up with a blush. When you take your girl out on a date, your primary responsibility is to make her happy and keep her smiling. Pay attention to the signs – if she’s enjoying your company, her smile will radiate joy. However, if she seems a bit bored, she might become fidgety, glancing at her phone or playing with things instead of listening to you. When that happens, it’s time to recapture her attention! A simple yet cute text sent across the table can surprise her and reignite her focus on you. It’s amazing how texts can turn the impossible into reality10 Thoughtful Text Messages to Delight Your Beloved


1. I dream of you every night.

2. I am always smiling when I am with you.

3. Your dance moves are quite amazing. Will you teach me some so that I can match up to you the next time we hit the dance floor?

4. You understand me and my thoughts even better than I do. It seems like you can read my mind.

5. You are my soul-mate.

6. I feel lost without you.

7. If I could hold you in my arms now, I wouldn’t let you go.

8. It took me several years to find the perfect partner for me. I cannot even imagine the idea of letting you go.

9. My world is a void if you are not in it.

10. I ran out of words to express how astonishing you are.


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