Cheating Goes Beyond Sleeping with another person.


Infidelity is arguably the most significant problem spouses confront today. Sometimes it’s simple, other times it’s complex.
When we hear the word “cheating,” we frequently think of s*xual affairs, yet it is possible to cheat without engaging in s*xual activity.

Cheating Goes Beyond Sex
Numerous situations begin quite simply with the exchange of phone numbers, but the talks quickly become fascinating and profound, filling a vacuum. At this point, you are constantly checking to see if your messages have been responded to, and when they are, you become ecstatic.
It evolves and you become attracted to what the person represents, despite your mind’s desire to live in denial (we are just friends).


Even when your fantasies become s*xual, you comfort yourself by telling yourself that it’s all in your head. But with those thoughts, you’re like a time bomb, ready to go off.
From there, it wouldn’t take much to cross the line with jokes that get serious, then get s*xual, then get to the point where they hurt deeply. Before you knew it, you’d already be emotionally or even s*xually rooted.
Cheating didn’t start when you had s*x with someone. It started when you connected with them in a way that made you feel excited and emotional. It started when you felt uncomfortable telling anyone the truth.
Since you are a person, this could happen to anyone. The idea is to figure out how to stop it before it gets out of hand.
Many of us will be able to relate and understand this when we read it. You may have been through it, or you may be going through it right now. You’re not strange.

Yes, it could have been because you were alone, ignored, or just because. The past is the past. What matters is how to move forward.
It can be hard because it involves feelings, but things can still get better.
Familiar? Just send me a message to get things going.


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