According to Robert Brault, “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things”.

Sometimes, a gesture or a word could mean a lot more than what it should actually mean. Humans perceive gestures differently especially when it suits their current want or desires. What we do, say or give out to others might actually look little to us but more than important to the receiver.



Here are a list of little things that aren’t actually little:

1. Being Asked for your Opinion: Yes! Sometimes all we need is to be asked for our opinion. It makes one feels important and wanting to be heard. In a discussion, from a partner, in a meeting or whatsoever person one is having a discourse with, being asked how we feel about something is enough to brighten how we feel from the inside.


2. You were right!: How many times have we realised out mistakes and admit that the other person was right?! A lot of folks could admit they are right inside but wouldn’t dare say it out. Imagine how it feels to know that you have been right along during an argument, an advice or a discourse. Saying “You were right”, “You are right” are one of the little things that aren’t so little.


3. People apologizing for things that happened a long time ago: How does it feel to be wronged and apologized to? Relieving right?? What feels more relieving is being apologized to for something that happened a long time ago. It gives an inner peace and calmness to be apologized to by someone who wronged you a lot time ago.


4. Compliments that aren’t physical: Being compliment, not on your physical look, but your attitude and inner appearance can be so satisfying. Compliments like “I like the way you see good things in people” or “You have such a beautiful heart” might look little, but they definitely aren’t little.




5. Receiving a Text after hanging out with someone: Texts like “I had fun today”, “Today was so fun with you” “Hope you got home safe” from someone you spent the day with is really so heart warming. It makes you look forward to hang out with such person another day without feeling uncomfortable.


6. “I am Proud of you”: Have you been told “I am proud of you” by someone you look up to, or by anyone you never expected it from? Actually, being told “I am proud of you” could literally come from anyone and still make one feel happier than ever. Being told “I am proud of you” on days you feel like you aren’t enough or when you have out all efforts in achieving something is everything!


7. Asking someone/being asked how your day was: Even though this question “How was your day” could look so casual but to someone who had a long day and a lot entailed in it to talk about, it might not be a casual question. Honestly, a lot of little question we ask such as “How was your night”, “Hope you slept well”, “Have you eaten” etc might actually be one of the little things that aren’t so little.




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