Home Remedies To Boost Immune System


Home Remedies To Boost Immune System

Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system

Immune system is the body defensive system that protects the body against disease through its biological structures and processes. Though the immune system tries to combat every ill causing germ that tries to get into the body system that make you sick, the immune sometimes fails and a germ get through your body and make you sick.

Protecting and boosting your immune system sometimes depends on your lifestyle and as such following healthy guidelines from experts can help you in boosting your immunity to ill-causing germs. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a priority for a healthy living avoiding these things outlined below can help largely is helping your body defense system, and such things are: Smoking, Lack of sleep, alcohol, heavy weight, stress, lack of exercise.

Immune system capability reduce due to aging and that’s why more elderly people are prone to variety of diseases than the young ones. But the connection between immunity and nutrition is clear and can be seen that most elderly people that are prone to disease lacks some certain nutritional factors, this is to tell you that balancing nutrition in old age people can help strengthen their immunity and as well as young ones too.

Boosting your immunity is nothing to worry about because in this post you’re all covered for what you need to boost your immunity. Below are outlined home remedies to help you in boosting your immunity and detailed info on how you can use them achieve increased defensive system of your body.



The ability of ginger to breakdown toxins in the body makes it very vital remedy to improve immunity. Ginger improves blood circulation and reduces risk infection.

  1. Prepare 2 cups of water.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of chopped ginger.
  3. Boil this for 10 minutes.
  4. Strain and add honey.
  5. Add lemon juice.
  6. Drink this tea two times daily.

Note: Adding dry or fresh ginger in your cooking can help you in boost your immunity.



Vitamin C is known for its unique ability of boosting immune system, and because lemon is rich in vitamin C that’s why it makes the white blood cells functions properly. In addition lemon helps remove toxins from the body and also aids in maintaining the body weight.

  1. Prepare a glass of purified lukewarm water.
  2. Squeeze ½ of lemon juice into the water.
  3. Add a little honey to the mixture.
  4. Drink this early morning on an empty stomach.
  5. Wait for 30 minutes before taking your breakfast.

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Green tea helps protect the body in reducing inflammation and helps fight cancer due to its polyphenols, which are natural compounds known for their health benefits.

Green tea being rich in antioxidants and nutrients is a vital remedy for your body and mind. The antioxidant in green are essentials to keep your immune system running normally and protects the body from free-radical damage.

  1. Prepare a cup of hot water.
  2. Steep a green tea bag for 5 minutes.
  3. Remove the tea bag.
  4. Add honey to your taste.
  5. Drink 2 to 3 cups of this tea daily.

In addition, maintaining vitamin D in your system can help you in balancing and boosting the immunity of your body system. Daily exercise is a proven way to help you boost your immunity and don’t forget not to overdo your exercise, drink plenty water daily, avoid stress and also make sure to have enough sleep.

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