Motivational Words That Works in 21st Century


Motivational Words That Works in 21st Century

Motivational Words That Works in 21st Century

Most motivational Quotes were base on personal feelings and selfish but after taking so much time thinking and separating fake from reality I’m lucky enough to arrange few motivational words that can change anyone life if theyre willing to accept the truth of today’s world.

without much talk let dive into these words.


1. Being rich is like standing on the top of a mountain. The further ya move forward, the more cautious ya should be.

The above quotes play a vital role in today society where, most of the people around us are not happy if we’re progressing more than them. therefore its wise for us to be careful on how we act, speak, and do while we’re around people that we believe we’re better than them.


2. Acting out of impulse anticipating a certain things in life can only leave ya tied into a situation that ya didn’t expect.

Ask yourself pros & cons before making or doing anything whenever you’re sad or happy. because rushing in concluding things without a proper care might result a deeply regret in a long-term.


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3. There is no so much fairness in the world. Sometimes, it takes a lot of means to start well and end well.

this word is one of my favorite as it speak about how proper plan, regardless of present suffering will likely result a better future. therefore it is wise for us to think more about the future than the present because the future is always full of uncertainty.


4. We don’t get something unless we let go of it. Only after we part, can we meet again.

To me this last quotes is speaking of almost everything in our today’s world, if we crave for enjoyment we have to let go for it and work harder so we can enjoy to fullest in later on. Same applied to happy love or relationship, we must first suffer from many up & downs or perhaps a lot of disagreement but at the end we will likely understand each other and have the happy family, life, love or relationship that we dream of.



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