The human heart is not a toy to play with when in a relationship


Heart break is now a pandemic in our society were people fake love just to achieve their aim and disappear.
it is sad to say, heartbreak have become so rampant that people now are so comfortable with it which leads to having fear and doubts whenever they want to give another chance.

The heart of a human is too delicate and isn’t a toy to play with…

Our behaviour towards relationship is what attributes to heartbreak, if you ain’t truly in love, make it clear to the person and don’t fake it or rise hope!

Be sincere and communicate your purpose at early stage, it might be sex you want, money and material things, you might be bored and just need a temporary companion, may be your other suitors are misbehaving and you need some one to cool off the tension, it can also be true love and marriage…make it clear to them before committing.

Never ignore RED FLAGS when in love and always make sure your patner reciprocate and give thesame energy to make the relationship work. Give no room to ego and pride.


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