Are your feelings of attraction hard to understand? Read on.


There is absolutely no correlation between your marital, social, or religious status and the way you feel.


Are You Having Complicated feelings of Attraction? Read thisYou can still have feelings even if you’re married to someone else.

The actual challenge is in the manner in which you manage your emotions.

The fact that you believe no one else would comprehend what you’re going through and that everyone is trying to judge you makes the situation even more difficult.

There are situations in which the only person you can talk to about it is the individual about whom you have those feelings.


After that, what?

It is more difficult to understand when these feelings are also sexual; it is much more difficult when you have participated in the activity; and it is even crazy when the experience is superior to what you have at home.

The anxiety, discomfort, and possibly even guilt that comes from having to confess to oneself that one’s feelings and body are affected by someone about whom one is unable to speak.

Nevertheless, the feelings are powerful enough to cause you to doubt and perhaps give up on all of the things that you once considered to be significant in your life.

It would appear that no one comprehends.

The prospect of going home should make you feel better, but for many people, the difficult circumstances they face there are the root cause of their negative emotions in the first place.

Taking the trip back can be nerve-wracking since it requires you to set aside your feelings for someone you’re attracted to and who may be attracted to you as well, all for the sake of someone who doesn’t even appear to care about you. This can be a difficult decision to make.

Distance can be of assistance, but it is necessary to know how to utilize it. It may also make matters worse by bringing to your attention how much you miss the other person and giving you the sense that you are unable to survive without the care and attention that the other person provides.

In the end, all that we ask for is to have our needs attended to.


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The first question that comes to mind for many of us is, “How can I deal with the feelings and intense attraction?”

However, the real first question that needs to be asked is, “Do I really want to address the feelings and the profound attraction?

It is a voyage, but in order for it to be a good one, you need to be able to answer the question from up above in an honest manner.

Do you truly want to get to the bottom of what you’re feeling and how you’re feeling?

Send me a message in my inbox if you are able to provide an honest response, and we can get the conversation moving forward.


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