How To Make A Skin Whitening Face Mask With Kiwi


Kiwi Fruit Face Masks for a Glowing Skin

Kiwi is one important ingredient among the other ingredients when it comes to skin brightening and whitening. Though some of the other ingredients are important to your beauty but all ingredients each has his function, and the best source of vitamin C is kiwi.


How To Make Kiwi Skin Brightening Face Mask

This face mask include the most important home ingredients for skin brightening.




Kiwi Fruit Face Masks for a Glowing Skin

Plain Yogurt






Take out the flesh of kiwi.

Put the flesh into a bowl.

Use a fork and mash the flesh.

Now, peel 1 banana.

Add the peeled banana into the bowl.

Now mix the ingredients by smashing.

Next, add 1 tablespoon plain yogurt to the mixture.

Again, mix the ingredient thoroughly until a smooth paste is formed.

Now your brightening face mask is ready for use.


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How To Use:

First wash your face thoroughly and make sure there is nothing left on your face.

Apply the skin brightening mask on your face.

Leave it on your face for about 30 minutes.

Now, soak a clean soft cloth in warm water as you wait.

Use the soaked cloth and rub off the paste on your skin.

Then, use lukewarm water to wash off your face.

Use this homemade face mask one a week.



Kiwi reduces and slower the sings of aging due to its antioxidants that helps neutralize free radicals effect in the skin.

This fruit also contain vitamin C antioxidant content which in skin brightening because of its natural bleaching power.

Kiwi also helps to hydrate and moisturize your skin and increase the activity of cells regeneration and productions.

Bananas are known to be rich in potassium, vitamins and water content which helps to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

The vitamin C and E in kiwi and other antioxidants helps it to improve the health of the skin.

Kiwi contains a black seed which helps to remove dead skin cells from the skin.

Yogurt reduces pigmentation and accelerates news cells development.

Kiwi also fights acne, reduces blemishes due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

It also helps to clear open pores and prevent more breakouts.

The vitamin C in this fruit helps aids the production of collagen in the skin which in turn keeps the skin firm and supple.

The lactic acid in helps removes dead skin cells from the skin.

Yogurt also helps fades away blemishes.


Note: Overripe banana can also be used to make this face mask, also you can use a blender for mixing the ingredients instead of mashing.


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