Sweet messages to make him smile 2020


Sweet messages to make him smile 2020

Sweet messages to make him smile 2020

There are ways to communicate your feelings to your man that will make him … Most Warm And Heart-Melting Romantic Love Messages For Him

Oh, This Heart

My heart is fusing with yours, we are now one.

Your heart knows things that your mind can’t explain.

The truth of my love can’t be hidden … look into my eyes and you will see my heart is yours alone.

Oh, this heart of mine is now so happy. All because of you, my dear.

You let me tie my heart to yours and thus you changed my life.

My sweetheart, just know that you are always on my mind, always with me no matter where I am.

You are loved and always will be as long as my heart can still beat.

There is an invisible, yet unbreakable bond between your heart and mine.

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You Are

You are the eye of my perfect storm, my calm in a stressful life.

You are the one I could never forget, the one I would always miss.

Where would I be without you? You are the one for me and I am all yours, too.

You are so beautiful, so graceful, so warm and sweet, you are my twin soul.

Your spirit envelopes my heart in a gentle, loving embrace, you are my heartbeat.

You are unique, I could never replace you in a million years.


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