Top 55 Funniest Ugandan Knuckles Memes


Top 55 Funniest Ugandan Knuckles Memes

Ugandan Knuckles is the nickname given to a depiction of the character Knuckles from the Sonic franchise created by YouTuber Gregzilla, which is often used as an avatar by players in the multiplayer game VRChat who repeat phrases like “do you know the way” and memes associated with the country Uganda, most notably the film Who Killed Captain Alex?. The character is associated with the expression “do you know tha wey”, which is typically spoken in a mock African accent and phonetically spelled as “do you know de wey.” #ugandan #knuckles #do you know da wae #vr chat

Top 55 Funniest Ugandan Knuckles Memes

Ugandan Knuckles u no da wae click click


For those who don’t know de way…. this is how it started…

1988: in 2018 we’ll have flying cars. 2018:

  1. The Future is Now

  2. We found the qrooeen brudas

  3. Da wae of da devul brudahs

  4. Clickclickclick

  5. Do u kno da wae?

  6. Still looking for it

  7. Do you know de wae?

  8. Real deal

  9. Do u know de Way?

  10. Spitting intensifies, I must know da wae

  11. She does not know de way

  12. Do You Know De Wae

  13. Cluck cluck cluck Ask them da wae

  14. I found de wey

  15. First was Logan Paul, now this… What a way to start the year

  16. Back at it again with da wey

  17. Ugandan knuckles army is one hell of a meme

  18. Do you kno de wey bradda?



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