10 Things Every Lady Should Have In Her Bag


There are some items every lady should have in her bag before heading out of the door. As a woman, atleast these ten items should be a must-have items in the bag. They are basically everyday necessities and life saver. 


1. Makeup pouch: Makeup pouch is one of the must have in the bag. It should consists of items like lip balm, eyeliner, makeup wipes, Lipsticks, face power etc. As a woman, needing these items after being out all day is definitely normal. This will always come in handy in case you have to go somewhere unplanned.


2. Wallet: Having a wallet that carries your cards and cash is a must-have in the bag. You don’t want to be outside without any cash at hand. Items in your bag is really incomplete without having a wallet in there.


3. Perfume: Smelling nice automatically makes you attractive. Incase you use a perfume that doesn’t really last long, having a perfume in the bag is essential. A woman must always have a nice fragrance on her everytime.


4. Pads: Even if a woman knows when her period is due to come, it is a must to have a pad with her all the time. It might come in handy to you or to any other lady who might be in need.


5. Sunglasses: The sun can literally come out anytime, even when it is least expected. It is important to always have a sunglasses with you.


6. Aspirin: A woman needs this in case headache or period cramps kicks in. It is a must have in the bag.


7. Tissue: Without having a Tissue in a bag, I personally suggest a woman shouldn’t head out. A tissue is a multipurpose item. It is needed when using a toilet, blowing nose, cleaning dirts from surface etc.


8. Chewing gum or mints: After having a meal, the mouth starts to smell different. A flavory bubble gum or mint is essential to keep the mouth fresh.


9. Charger: Most women nowadays are basically addicted to their phones than any other item. It could also happen that your phone might be running low when you need it the most. Keeping your charger in your bag will make it come in handy anytime you need it.


10. Safety Pins: Unexpected could happen and they could be pop in your button. Safety pin will always come to rescue if you have one in your bag.


These items are basically just suggestions. A lady can have more than these ten items in her bag. What is more important is that, safety and comfort should come first


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