20 compliments that aren’t about physical appearance


Physical Compliments are so cliche! Compliments that aren’t about physical appearance tends to warm people’s hearts than complimenting their physical look. To be honest, everyone wants to be complimented for how well they are doing, how well they have handled life and their rareness as a human.

20 compliments that aren’t about physical appearance

Here are 20 compliments we can say to someone that aren’t about physical appearance:

1. I am so glad that you were born, so that I could get to know you.

2. You have a good sense of humor and I think that is beautiful.

3. You communicate quite well. I don’t have a hard time understanding you.

4. You are the nicest human I have ever met.

5. You have a good heart, everyone should have you as a companion.

6. Everyone deserves a person like you.

7. Thank you for being exactly who you are. I love you.

8. I love talking to you. it makes me feel so comfortable.

9. Loving you has taught me how healthy love can be.

10. I see the best of me when I’m with you.

11. Even in silence, you always know how I feel.

12. There is no one that could ever cheer me up like you do.

13. Your look happier lately, I’m so proud of this version of you.

14. You motivate me to be a better version of myself.

15. In this world of complainers, you are such a good listener.

16. You are good with kids. You’d make a lovely father/mother.

17. You see good in people. The world needs more people like you.

18. I’m so proud of how well you are doing.

19. I am glad I get to know this version of you.

20. Your family are so lucky to have you as one of them.


Now you have an idea of what I was digging at? We need to comport with the new norms. Let’s take turns to warm people’s hearts as much as we want ours to be.


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