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T.I is a great rapper, but what makes his songs special the most, is some of the really inspirational lyrics he uses. Enjoy the best T.I Quotes About Motivation. Quotations by T.I., American Musician, Born September 25, 1980.

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1. “You have to surpass the levels of success that you have already achieved, and that’s the challenge. But, it’s a welcome challenge. I appreciate it because it brings the best out of me.” T.I
2. “If we don’t acknowledge and accept where we are failing, then we’ll never do the work that it takes to make it right for US.” T.I
3. “When you ask me who I look up to and who I can admire for their style right now, I have to choose from people that represent what I represent stylistically.” T.I
4. “I always tried to work hard and stay focused, and just use one opportunity to contribute to the next.” T.I
5. “I got most of my style from people around me who I knew personally.” T.I
6. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sitting down with people as long as you understand that there are needs to be met and purposes to be served.” T.I
7. “Stop lookin’ at what you ain’t got, and start being thankful for what you do got.” T.I
8. “Refuse to give up, your mistakes don’t define you. They don’t dictate where you’re headed, they remind you.” T.I
9. “I’m by no means a perfect human being. I experience more than half of my life perpetuating darkness. That was because I was dropped in a place of darkness and expected to find a way out.” T.I
10. “All you can do is handle it, worst thing you can do is panic. Use it to your advantage, avoid insanity, manage to conquer ever obstacle, make impossible possible. Even when winning’s illogical, losing is still far from optional.” T.I


20 Motivational T.I Quotes

11. “Let the losers worry about losin.” T.I
12. “Some of us were born to hate and some of us were born to be great.” T.I
13. “You are not defined by your environment unless you allow yourself to be.” T.I
14. “Fear aint in the heart of me, i learned just do it, you get courage from your fears right after you go through it.” T.I
15. “Even when winnin’s illogical, losin’s still far from optional” T.I
16. “You can’t go through the kinds of things I’ve gone through, as much as I have, without re-evaluating yourself and making adjustments. And you can’t endure these horrendous circumstances without developing a certain level of strength and wisdom.” T.I

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17. “If we continue to devalue ourselves we cannot realistically expect respect from others.” T.I
18. “Nobody is gonna love you like you.” T.I
19. “I know what it’s like to not know where you’re going or how to get there. I know what it’s like to have no one around you who can teach you how to be what you hope to become.” T.I
20. “Im going to always rise above the doubt that may exist about me.” T.I


T.I. – Motivation Quotes

21. “We cannot continue to get caught up in having material abundance and yet be fundamentally and spiritually broke.” T.I
22. “People are motivated when they see somebody else doing something.” T.I
23. “There’s a story behind every person. There’s a reason why they’re the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone.” T.I
24. “Fear ain’t in the heart of me, I learned just do it. You get courage from your fears right after you go through it.” T.I
25. “People hate it when you’re better than them. They ain’t hating, start worrying then.” T.I
26. “Call me what you want. Wanna hate? Have a nice time!” T.I
27. “I got a strong mind, and a kind heart, with a soft kiss, but I love hard.” T.I
28. “Everybody has something to sell. The greatest thing you can ever sell is an idea or talent.” T.I
29. “I ain’t dead, I ain’t done. I ain’t scared, I ain’t run. No matter what, no matter what, still I stand.” T.I
30. “I’m happy to be on a winning team. My individual success, that lasts for a short period of time. The success of being a part of the South, of Atlanta, which is now the hot bed of music, that’s what’s gonna last the longest. The fact that I contributed to planting our flag and moving music to my city, that’s what I’m most proud of.” T.I
31. “It goes without saying that it’s hard to attain a certain level of success.” T.I
32. “You know, when I put out records that may not work or connect with the audience, it’s because I’m pushing myself as an artist creatively, because I’m just bored doing what everyone wants me to do.” T.I
33. “You aint gotta be a dope boy to have money.” T.I

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