Awesome Happy Birthday Love Message


When sending a greeting card or message to a loved one on their birthday, write something sweet and memorable that they will remember for a long time… read these words to get ideas:

Awesome Happy Birthday Love Message

Happy birthday to my sweetheart! I’m so glad we’re going to spend it together. Know that no matter what happens, my love will always be with you.

These days, it’s easy to just say “I love you,” so I’ll show it every day through what I do. Happy birthday, darling!

You really are the most valuable thing in my life, so for your special day, I’ll give you the best gift of all: my love. Dear, happy birthday!

If I could, I’d give you as a gift everything you’ve ever wanted. But I can’t, so I’ll give you my love instead.

My favorite place to be on this special day and every other day of the year is right next to you. Happy birthday to my sweetheart!

Every time I see you, you make my heart feel full of love. May your birthday bring you just as much love and happiness.

Thank you for being the very best. Baby, happy birthday!


I will always be glad to have met you…
I can’t live without you.
I will always love you with all my heart.
I love you.
Happy birthday!


My loved ones,
I hope your day is as bright and warm as your smile and as special as you are.
Happy birthday to you!


Sweetheart, I hope you’re always as happy as I have been since we got married.
I will always love you.
Happy birthday to my sweetheart!


Feel free to send these to your friends and family.


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