Read on! Before you look at your partner’s phone


You have the right to privacy on your devices, but when you get married, that right changes because your spouse also has the right to know what you are doing (similar to how you also deserves to know what said spouse is up to).

Want Access to Your Spouse Phone? Read This!

Whether they know it or not, people who have something to hide give off signs. Spouses can notice these things.

You might be able to trick, bully, or manipulate your way out of situations, but if you are nervous every time your phone comes up, hiding, deleting, clearing logs, etc., then you are probably hiding something.

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We can’t prove this, though, until we know what you’re hiding. When this happens, partners start looking into things. If your partner was acting strange, you would probably ask questions or do your own checks.

You’re lucky if your spouse even notices. People who no longer care will either not notice or not care enough to notice.


Everyone gets off track sometimes and does things they probably shouldn’t. If it has been brought up, pay attention to it because no matter how hard you try to hide it, you will show signs that you are hiding something, which really affects the peace, happiness, and trust in your marriage.

It’s not worth it.


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