A quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder says “I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”

Here are the little things that aren’t so little:

1. Waking up next to the one you love: Sincerely, there is nothing as heartwarming as waking up next to the one you love. The warmth from their body, the first kiss of the day and the fact that you get to see them from the very moment you open your eyes is a divine blessing and it is one of the little things that absolutely means a lot.

2. Finding out that someone feels the same way as you do: Have you ever had a doubt of someone’s feelings towards you? Ever had a crush on someone and you aren’t sure about how they feel towards you too? Honestly, finding out eventually that they feel exactly the way you feel about them is beyond happiness. It might be little but it is indeed one of the things that aren’t so little.

3. When other families treat you like a member: Feeling loved and among other families is one of the best feeling ever. The fact that you don’t have to feel different or not among is a great feeling. Knowing that you can go in there anytime and feel welcome and home without having to think of what they’d feel about it. Definitely one of the little things that aren’t little.

4. Starting a New Hobby: Have you ever found out a new hobby you really enjoy doing?? The feeling of happiness and satisfaction that comes with it is top notch. Starting a new Hobby can look like a little thing but due to the immense Joy that comes along with it, it is definitely not a little thing.

5. A clean public bathroom: Ever been so pressed and need to use the bathroom but the only available one is a public bathroom? Finding out that the bathroom is clean and usable is one of the most relaxing thing ever. Most public bathroom looks aren’t as clean as it should be, but coming across one that is as clean as desired is one of the little things that aren’t so so little.

6. Watching shows from your childhood: Watching the shows that you once loved from your childhood brings back a memory. A memory that can’t be defined. The way it makes us feel could be different but doesn’t rule out the fact that it is one of the little things that aren’t so little.

7. Old couples holding hands: Being a young person and seeing old couples holding hands extends your believe in love. For the fact that most young ones these days do not believe in forever love. So, seeing couples still strong in love is a believe that true love still exists.


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