Sweet birthday messages for her – Happy birthday sms


Sweet birthday messages for her - Happy birthday SMS

Sweet birthday messages for her – Happy birthday SMS


Well creating a romantic text message for birthday is kinda stressful at some point especially if the girl is used to get different Most touching love messages from you in the past.

Take the easy step by picking one of these sweet birthday sms and send to her

Maybe right now your girlfriend thinks about you and misses you. Give her a reason to smile. Of course, one of the best and shortest variant consist of three words. Believe me, any girl will be happy to receive a short SMS with the words: I LOVE YOU.


However, if you think that this variant is too trivial you can choose the best love SMS for her from options below and send it from your cell phone:


Plenty Special & Sweet birthday messages for her.


  • You are such a wonderful, good-looking person, both outside and inside. Please keep this in your heart forever. Happy birthday to the most beautiful sweetheart ever!


  • I am the happiest man in the world as I can celebrate one of the most precious days together with you. On this graceful day the true love of my life, my someone special, my queen was born into this world. I love you, my dear. Happy Birthday to you!


  • On this very special day, I wish you to enjoy only the shining rays, blue sky, and happy smiles!


  • Have the happiest birthday ever! No matter what happened in our past, the most amazing, incredible moments are yet to come. I wish you to enjoy a joyful life with me, my sweetie. Happy birthday to you!


  • I can see all the colors much clearer since I have met you. You bring the sunshine and brightness into my darkness. I love you so much, my dear. Happy Birthday!


  • Bless my precious queen with amazing desires of your soul. May God bless you with happiness, smiles and his grace. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart!


  • My lovely princess, your prince is willing to do anything to make you happy on this happy day and every other day of our life. Kisses to you on your Birthday!


  • On your Happy Birthday day, I wish to tell you that I fall in love with you the more I discover your soul and heart. I dream that our feelings last forever. Enjoy all the most amazing wishes from someone who is deeply in love with you. May all the things that can upset or make you sad be gone forever. Happy Birthday! It is a very special day today. I wish you to enjoy your unforgettable Birthday. I wish all the dreams you have come true today!


  • You deserve the most impressive feelings and emotions in your life on this extra special day!


  • I wish your day today turns into impressive celebrations. I want it to be filled with positive and lovely moments. Happy Birthday to my sweet baby!


  • On this pretty day, I hope you feel only the best moments of your life. Thank you for the happiness brought into my life by you. You know that you deserve the best man, best family, and best friends!


  • Happy Birthday to my best lady! One pretty princess was born today. I am grateful to my destiny that this princess fell in love with me, her prince. I am the luckiest person on earth, and I want to do any deed to make her majesty happy today. Happy Birthday to you!


  • I am so happy to write this SMS to you today because you are the most beautiful queen of my life. You are my best friend, and I am extremely proud to let everyone know that today is my queen’s birthday!


  • Sweet lady, please remember that age is only a number. I believe that you will always stay young and pretty! You will always be the most amazing person and the princess of my heart. My dearie, Happy Birthday to you!


  • My lady, it is your birthday today! I want to let you know that you are the main treasure of my life, the joy of my heart and the gift of my destiny! Happy Birthday to my sunshine, my life partner, my soul mate, my destiny, my queen and my best friend. My life is brighter when you are around. I cannot imagine living a day without you. On this amazing day, I wish to remind you how much I love you!


  • May you enjoy the most brilliant Birthday today! My lovely lady is blooming in my precious garden where only true feelings grow. I know you expect to see the poetic or artistic expression of feelings. But my poor self is only capable of saying, ‘Happy Birthday to my lovely girl!’


  • Today is my lucky moment. You were born on this incredible day, and you have enriched my real life with unforgettable emotions and amazing feelings. I want to let you know how much I love you and I wish to add, ‘Happy Birthday!’


  • My dear, I know that Heaven is on the Earth because you, my angel, is by my side. You are the most magnificent woman in the world. Happy Birthday!


  • Celebrate your birthday as the most lovely and emotional day of your life. Today is special, and so are you. Happy Birthday, the most wonderful lady! My honeybee, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday!


  • You make the most delicious honey aka feelings that feed me emotionally on this and every other day of our happy life together. One kiss on your cheek, one kiss on your lips, one kiss on your sweet little nose and a thousand kisses for my birthday lady!


  • Smile today, Happy Birthday to you! My Birthday sweetie, you are everything that a real king can wish for. I hope all your wishes will also come true because my main wish to be with you has become a happy reality. Happy birthday, my queen. Have the limitless amount of gifts and smiles, joy and cheerfulness!


  • It is your Birthday, and may it be the best day of your life! My special someone, you are so nice to me. I want to be nice to you, always. Happy Birthday to you. I just want to let you know how much I care about you, how happy I am with you in my life and how amazing this day is because we are together. My love, I will be happy to buy the entire world just for you!


  • You are the dearest and kindness person who I love so much! Happy Birthday! Do you know why this day is extraordinary? I will give you some clues. One pretty angel, one gorgeous queen, one sweet girl was born on this day!


  • Happy Birthday! This message a special. It has an attachment. I have attached my heart to it, and I want you to keep it in your hands. I love you, my girl. Happy Birthday!

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Top 8 Sweet birthday messages for her


1. It is not just another birthday for you, but a day that God picked and blessed a special star in the world. Happy birthday my dear. Hope you can dance?

2. The rain must have fallen heavily when you were born. Do you know what this means? The sky cried its eyes sore because it lost its most beautiful angel. Happy birthday dearie.
3. It’s a beautiful feeling when you feel loved and cherished. When you feel someone needs you and think about you, but it’s a better feeling when someone never forgets your birthday. Happy birthday!
4. This is a sweet note from a lovely friend to a beautiful person, for a good reason, at the best time, with a lively mood and a big smile, saying happy birthday!
5. May you fly in the plane of love, and land on the airport of success. May your luck shine, may your wish come and may your heart be merry on this beautiful day. Happy birthday.
6. If kisses were rain, I will send you a heavy shower. If love was time, I will send you more hours. If you need a good friend, I will send you me. Just tell me what you need today, and I will just send it to you. happy birthday.
7. A smile is a beautiful curve that makes everything straight, A good cloth that wipes wrinkles away. Give more smile today, and you’ll have lots of people celebrating by your side. Happy birthday love!
8. I want to make something clear. You are 1 year older now, but also one year smarter, wiser, and 1 year closer to your dreams. Don’t fret. just live the dream. Happy birthday.
TIPS: while copying ensure to find a place and include her name, example; at the end you can just add “happy Janet my love”.


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