Sweet cute messages for girlfriend


Sweet cute messages 2020

Here are some sweet cute messages to share with your family and friends.

Sweet Cute Messages

My heart dances joyfully whenever I see you. You are my secret life rhythm.

Your beautiful smile, your radiating kindness and your gloriously majestic aura fill my soul with unending love.

When I meet you, my heart skips several beats, my voice fades away, my knees tremble and my stomach is hollow. I stumble, I croak and I blush… but now I can send you this message telling you that you are my most precious dream … my feelings for you grow every day.

My sweet lil teddybear, my cuddly lil hugbunny, my adorable soft kitten — I love you.

Oh, my sweetheart, you are the unending light that shines inside me warming up my heart and creating a sweet happiness that I never want to let go.

I feel like I’m in the sky, deep inside the misty cloud of love and bliss… a perfect place to cherish you and adore you.

When I found you, I received the eternal, best Christmas gift that I have been longing for since my early years. My love, you are perfect.

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Amazing To Me

From the very first time, you take my breath away, every time I see you.

Your presence illuminates my day, charms my spirit and warms my heart.

Your sweet smile radiates through me, giving me shivers of joy.

You are adorable, most unique and gracious … your entire being mesmerizes me.

Do you even realize how amazing you are to me?


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