Sweet Text Messages For Your Sweetheart


Sweet Love Messages for Girlfriend

When it comes to love and relationship, the most romantic way to express or show your feelings to your beloved one is by sending love messages to remind her/him how important they are in your life. These sweet text messages will let your loved one(s) know that no matter what life brings, your feelings are and will be unwavering.


My love for you is the one feeling I will never want to forget or to lose. Ever. I would be nothing without you.


When I am with you, I feel like soaring high up to the sky, enveloped in a happy contentment like I have never experienced before meeting you.


My love is like a flower that grows and blossoms regardless of seasons … all I need is you next to me.


I can never get enough of your unique beauty, your dazzling kind spirit, your lovely and inspiring goodness. My eyes, my mind will always follow you, as will my heart.


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When I first met you, a shining, uplifting, persistent feeling embraced and warmed my entire being. At that moment, I felt that we were meant to be together.


My dear, my love for you lights my soul on fire. It burns with amazing delight, warm desire. Oh, how lucky I am to have you in my life!


Before I met you, my life was full of emptiness, full of a deep ache I could never understand. Now, because of you, I am full of love, happiness, a zest of life that emanates my undying, eternal love for you.


From my lips to your lips, from my heart to your heart, I send you whispers of love with our names etched in the eternal bond of two souls that found each other’s half.


I love you. Three words that mean the world to me, three words that convey a meaning that transcends time and space, three words that will stay strong and true forever.


I may not message every hour, but know that your are in my heart every hour, every second and you will stay there until my time on this world runs out. I love you.


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My sweetheart, you are the one star out of billions that shines the brightest, that caught my heart … you are my everything.


You are the most precious blessing that I could ever ask for. My life would be empty and meaningless without you. I love you with all my heart.


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