According to Francis Collins, “The best diet is the one that can be sustained over the long term, combined with other healthful lifestyle behaviors”.


Previously, practical tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle had been published. Here are 5 extra practical tips to have in mind when you set a goal of Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


1. GET ENOUGH SLEEP: Getting a good sleep is one of the activity most humans lack. We tend to change sleeping patterns based on our routines. Most times, sleep time are being used for other purposes while we eventually settle to few hours sleep time. Medically, our immune system has a strong connection to the amount of sleep we get. Atleast one must get 7-8 hours sleep at night. Getting enough sleep does not only boosts the functioning of immune system, it also helps in the overall mental and physical well being.


2. ENGAGE IN ACTIVITIES THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY: Psychologically, Engaging in activities that makes you happy is essential to having a healthy and happy lifestyle. Activities like Dancing, Playing Guitar, Watching Movies, Hanging Out with friends etc. It is important desist from activities which might be dangerous to the health.


Recommended by author: MAINTAINING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE (Vol 1)


3. KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS EVERYTHING: When you start thinking free, having positive mindset and keeping positive feelings towards life and everything around you, you tend to become more happier. Allow yourself to see only good in everything and leave the rest. Even though, life can be rough sometimes, but making positive mindset paramount to every other thing keeps your calm, free and healthy.


4. FOLLOW YOUR PASSION: Folks who are busy doing what they like and what they are passionate about tends to be happier than those who are not. Do you love teaching? Do you love Music? Do you love Travelling? Do you love writing books? Engage in whatever you are passionate about, what makes you feel happier when doing it and what makes you satisfied at the end of the day. With this, you will see yourself being happier with your lifestyle than usual.



5. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PERSONAL HYGIENE: A healthy lifestyle circle is never completed without a good personal hygiene. Have a good skincare routine, wear good clothes, keep the house clean, avoid dirts and maintain a clean outward appearance. Your appearance is how you will be approached. Looking great, smelling nice and looking approachable is all what constitutes to a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to be happier, healthier and Livelier.

In conclusion, Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is required readiness and it does require a lot of work. Just keep a positive mindset and apply the tips listed above. Surely, you will be a healthy and happier individual in no time.


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