Strengthen You Teeth and Gums With This Natural Home Remedies


Strengthen You Teeth and Gums With This Natural Home Remedies

Healthy teeth is what we always like to have and including a healthy gums which increase our beauty value in so many cases and you can chew whatever the hell that comes through and in between your teeths without being scared of what it would be or what will hapen next after that because you have a full assurance of your teeth health. And if your teeth are not healthy it means that your personal hygiene is not complete and you’re not taking proper care of yourself and sometimes can yield to some other bad things like stained or yellow teeth, bad breath. Your oral problems and bacteria and inflammation can cause some other health problems like stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, oral cancer and irritable bowel syndrome. The case in women is very big because it can lead to low birth-weight babies.




Health teeth has and influences on how you look , chew, speak and taste food, oral problems can sometimes affect people psychologically.

You need to take care of your oral health since from childhood, but that definitely depends on what type of parents you’ve, but its not too late even if you’re old because you can still take care of your oral health to maintain healthy teeth and gums even in your old ages, remember for good oral health the first thing to be considered is mainating proper oral hygiene as it is the first step of all.

You can do take care of your teeth at your own choice, but remember to brush your teeth 1 or 2 times daily, rinsing your mouth after each meal, and don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed.

Best ways to maintain strong teeth and gums with natural home remedies



Remedy 1


Guava Leaves

How To Use:

Wash some few guava leaves.

Now chew the freshly washed guava leaves till the juice comes out.

Spit it out and rinse your mouth.

Other ways to use:

Wash tender guava leaves thoroughly.

Then, grind the tender leaves.

Use the grinded leaves as toothpaste to brush your teeth.






Boil 1 cup of water with 5 to 6 guava leaves for 5 minutes.

Using strainer strain the water.

Now, allow it cool.

Use the water as a mouthwash daily.


In the treatment of periodontal disease guava leaves are highly recommended.

It helps in mainating good plus strong teeth and gums through it’s antimicrobial, antiplaque, antioxidant and anti-imflammatory agents.

And it helps keep fresh and clean breath.

Tender leaves or twigs of guava leaves are recommended by herbalists in mainating proper oral hygiene.


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Remedy 2





Simple put in your mouth 1 tablespoon of sesame oil.

Now, swish the oil in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes.

Next, spit the oil out. (Do not swallow the oil)

Rinse your mouth with normal water or salt water for antimicrobial importance.

Then, brush your teeth using regular toothpaste as usual.

Repeat this every morning with empty stomach.

More Info: Coconut oil can also be used in oil pulling or swishing.




Oil can be used to do oil pulling or swishing, its an old-age practice used in ayurveda to strengthen the teeth and gums and jaw and prevent tooth decay.

It takes away the bacteria in the mouth, brighten the teeth and keep the gums healthy.

A study reveals that oil swishing with sesame oil helps in the treatment of plaque-induced gingivitis.

Oil pulling can detoxifies the and body and also cleanse it.




Remedy 3





Turmeric can help keep your teeth free from bacteria through it’s antibacterial and anti-imflammatory properties that keeps the gums healthy.

A study reveals that turmeric mouthwash can be beneficial in maintaining plaque and it prevents gingivitis.




Make a paste of 1/4 turmeric powder with a liitle water.

Use the paste to brush your teeth.

Do this few times weekly.


Other Procedure:

Add mustard oil and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix thoroughly.

Use this paste to message your teeth daily.






Boil 1 cup of water with 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder.

Leave the mixture to cool.

Use the mixture as a mouthwash once daily for few days.


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