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Romantic Sweet Good Night My Love Text Messages For Her and Him. that will make them dream about you all the night. Get inspired by these top 10 best sweet dreams love messages.


I wish to share the stars with you, I wish to spend my nights with you, I wish my life was together with you. Even if it is only a dream.


I wish upon the stars a secret dream of mine to come true. My dream is recurring, it is a beautiful dream … maybe one day I will tell you.


I often look up at the stars and dream about my twin soul … oh, where are you?


The moon whispered to me at night … I had a dream of you and I together, in love. It was the sweetest dream.


When I miss you, I look for the moon at night and wish upon it. Sometimes I can sense a response and my heart is at peace.


I love the moon at night. It gives me sweet dreams of love and serenity.

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I wished upon the moon many times and now that you and I are together, I know the wishes have been answered.


We were walking in the garden with beautiful flowers surrounding us everywhere and we were holding hands, smiling and laughing. I was thrilled by the exquisite elegance and beauty enveloping our peaceful walk. I was very happy … then I woke up. It was a dream. A most wonderful dream.


I want to walk with you in the garden of our lives. A long walk all the way to the end.


Will you walk the path of life with me? I want to share my journey with you.


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