Lady Gaga Quotes About Motivation


Singer Lady Gaga wowed us with her voice and unique fashion statements. However, one thing that remained unchanged was her incredible musical talent. Here are most awesome Lady Gaga Quotes About Motivation.

Lady Gaga’s 10th of 40th most inspiring quotes

1. “It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, or how much money you’ve got in your pocket. You have your own destiny and your own life ahead of you.” Lady Gaga
2. “This is who the fuck I am.” Lady Gaga
3. “You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don’t love yourself.” Lady Gaga
4. “So basically I did this whole show carrying 100lbs, looking out of one eye, dancing – and then my tits explode at the end. It’s not as easy as it looks!” Lady Gaga
5. “Peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no trouble, noise, or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart” Lady Gaga
6. “You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don’t love yourself.” Lady Gaga
7. “I’d wear any of my private attire for the world to see. But I would rather have an open flesh wound than ever wear a band aid in public.” Lady Gaga
8. “I would rather die than have my fans see me without a pair of heels on. And that’s show business” Lady Gaga
9. “So many will try to destroy me. So many, over and over, coming in periods of greatness. But in this period, I cannot be broken: GAGAKLEIN.” Lady Gaga
10. “Prejudice is a disease. And when they come for you, or refuse your worth, I will be ready for their stones. I belong to you.” Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s 20th of 40th most inspiring quotes

11. “Just remember: i love you, and love yourselves. ’cause, little monsters, you were born that way baby.” Lady Gaga
12. “How can I protect something so perfect without evil…” Lady Gaga
13. “It’s hard knowing who to trust with your personal life. When you cry in your room at night, you don’t always know who to call.” Lady Gaga
14. “My new album that I’m creating, which is finished pretty much, was written with this new instinctual energy that I’ve developed getting to know my fans. They protect me, so now it’s my destiny to protect them.” Lady Gaga
15. “It’s cooler to be strong.” Lady Gaga
16. “It’s sort of like my past is an unfinished painting, and as the artist of that painting, I must fill in all the ugly holes and make it beautiful again.” Lady Gaga
17. “Let the blood and the bruises define your legacy.” Lady Gaga
18. “You really don’t need to be a celebrity or have money or have the paparazzi following you around to be famous.” Lady Gaga
19. “Sometimes in life you don’t always feel like a winner, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a winner.” Lady Gaga
20. “My fashion is part of who I am, and though I was not born with these clothes on, I was born this way.” Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga’s 30th of 40th most inspiring quotes

21. “Bare your struggles very close to your heart and have them be a part of you that you’re proud of instead of something that you’re ashamed of.” Lady Gaga
22. “A record deal doesn’t make you an artist; you make yourself an artist” Lady Gaga
23. “You have to stop crying, and you have to go kick some ass.” Lady Gaga
24. “Love is just a history that they may prove and when your gone ill tell them my religion is you” Lady Gaga
25. “Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams.” Lady Gaga
26. “I am the excuse to explore your identity. To be exactly who you are and to feel unafraid. To not judge yourself, to not hate yourself.” Lady Gaga
27. “Memories are not recycled like atoms and particles in quantum physics; they can be lost forever.” Lady Gaga
28. “Fight and push harder for what you believe in, you’d be surprised, you are much stronger than you think.” Lady Gaga
29. “Its oke to be sad. I’ve been trained to love my darkness” Lady Gaga
30. “I’m half living my life between reality and fantasy at all times” Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s 40th of 40th most inspiring quotes

31. “Celebrate all the things you don’t like about yourself. love yourself.” Lady Gaga
32. “You are a legend. Your self-invention matters. You are the artist of your own life.” Lady Gaga
33. “You can’t have my heart and you won’t use my mind, but do what you want with my body.” Lady Gaga
34. “It’s not that I’ve been dishonest, it’s just that I loathe reality.” Lady Gaga
35. “I don’t need anybody’s permission to be remembered. I will be. Whether they like it or not.” Lady Gaga
36. “When you wanna do something and that little impulse goes off in your brain and says “Ooh, don’t do it!”, you gotta go for it. That’s how you’re gonna be the person you wanna be.” Lady Gaga
37. “Who’s to say I’m not an entirely different person? Because I am. You have to understand, some years ago I was a waitress.” Lady Gaga
38. “A different lover is not a sin” Lady Gaga
39. “Money can run out, but talent is forever.” Lady Gaga
40. “You can’t stop my voice cause you don’t own my life but do what you want with my body.” Lady Gaga

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