It can be very devastating and traumatic to have a cheating partner. Infidelity can be one of the most heart wrenching thing to come by in a relationship or marriage. While many barely noticed any change in their partner during the course of cheating, some might detect early because of the change in actions.5 SIGNS OF A CHEATING PARTNER

When an affair is finally detected, one might realised that the signs has been there all along but you just completely missed them.
The signs of cheating, whether physical or emotional are often subtle. Maybe they started coming home late than normal or they have started spending more time on their phones than before.

It is not easy to deal with the suspicions of cheating. The fact that you aren’t sure how your partner will react to such allegations is enough reason for one to avoid these signs. Yet, no one wants to be kept in the dark for way too long while being faithful all along.

Here are the warning signs that can aid in detecting a cheating partner early before approaching them:



To be honest, a partner should be one’s bestfriend. Incase of a change in schedule, the first person to be aware of it should be one’s partner. Giving detailed and provable information about reasons for change in schedule will result into a better understanding. So, what happens when your partner suddenly changes schedules you are used to without explanation? He/She suddenly starts working late, starts making plans or going out without informing. This can be a sign of cheating.



One of the most common signs of a cheating partner is when their attitude suddenly changes. They don’t smile like they used to anymore and they get moody often? They don’t call or text like they used to anymore. They have become lazy and inactive in the activity that you both do together and they barely show interest in anything concerning you. This can be a real red flag and a sign of Infidelity.



If your partner is the one who compliments you often, tells you how beautiful your eyes are, tells you how lovely your laughter sounds, how cute you are when you sleep and all sorts of special compliments, and they stop doing so, this might be a real clear sign of them cheating.

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In this social media age, most partners are caught cheating mostly via phones or via their social media. Hence, a cheating partner makes it important to keep their phones private by using password or any other form of privacy. If your partner can’t pick a call in your presence or they stay longer in the bathroom with their phone with them, it can be a clear sign of cheating.



This sign may sound a little bit old but it makes sense if you think about it. A partner who suddenly starts keeping tabs on you, who wants to know where you are and what you are doing, buys you stuffs without you asking, becomes all lovey-dovey all of a sudden might have something they are hiding. Partners who feel guilty about cheating on you always go extra nice and affectionate to make up for it. It might not be cheating but when you find it really extra and unusual, you might have to keep mind on this sign.

None of these signs guarantees that your partner is cheating but if it arose your suspicions about your partner and you are at the edge of not able to bear it anymore, you can approach them about it. Before you make decisions of whether or not to end your relationship or marriage, seek advice, go for therapy or talk to a professional.




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