Benefits of Guava Fruit and Leaves


Healthy Benefits of Guava

Guave is round shaped with yellow, maroon, green color which is soft and sweet when ripe.

The guava, guava leaves, and its tree contributes a lot to our health in many different ways which also contain enough amount vitamin A and C, and the guava fruit contains 4 times more than the orange and even 10 times more than vitamins A in lemon. Guave is one of the lower chemiclas fruit and it does not contain any fats with a of its nutrition value. It contains vitamins E, B2, K, fibre , flate, phosphorus, calcium, mnaganese, potassium, copper.


Benefits of Guava Fruit and Leaves


  1. Oral Health

The main factor of so many dental problems is the dental plaqu, and the guava is very important and play an important role in the treatment of oral health due to its anti-plaque properties.

Moreover, the guava leaves contain antimicrobila, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which is effective in reducing the inflammation in the gums and freshen your breath, and guava tender leaves can be used can be used to maintain oral hygiene if used in a paste.

Oral ulcers, swollen gums, toothaches can be cured using guava leaves, and the twigs og guava tree can be used a chewing stick for clean and white teeth.


In order to help maintain oral health by guava leaves:

Chew 1 or 2 guava tender leaves.

Or make a boil solution of 6 guava leaves and allow it to cool and add some salt, use the solution as a mouthwash twice daily.



  1. Diarrhea Treatment

Guava leaf combat the bacteria causing diarrhea. Guava leaf extract treat diarrhea through inhibiting the growth of the bacteria causing the diarrhea which is staphylococcus aureus bacteria, a study reveals that.

Drinking guave leaf tea 2 or 3 times a day when suffering from diarrhea it would help reduce stools, lessen abdominal pain, promote quick recovery and lessen watery stools.

The antibacterial property in the guava fruits discourage the bacterial and microbila growth in the digestive tract, and it improves digestion and excretion due to its fibre content.

Guava leaves helps gives protection against stomach ache or other problems related to the stomach when chewed daily.



  1. Diabetes Control

The chinese has been using guava to treat diabates for a very long time due to the guava juice hypoglycemic effect, which is very important in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

Guava has a very low glycemic index and rich fibre content making it of importance to people having diabetes.

Guava without the peel when taken daily can help in maintaing the sugar level of your blood, and if you’re at risk of having diabetes you can prevent it drinking guava leaf tea.


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How To Make Guava Leaf Tea:

Dry tender guava leaves.

Crush the leaves into powder.

In a cup of hot water add 1 tablespoon of the guava leaves powder.

Cover the cup and allow it for 5 minutes to steep.

Now, strain it.

Take this once daily.



  1. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

The compounds in guava such as vitamin C, lycopene, quercetin and various polyphenols contain anticancer and antitumor properties. And also the compounds help neutralize free-radical damage in the body which causes cancer by performing the work of a potent antioxidants.

Guava extract can lower the size of prostate tumor, and the incidence of prostate cancer in men can be reduced by taking the guava extract regularly.

Other cancer types like skin, mouth, stomach, breast, lung and colon cancer can be prevented or reduced through regular intake of guava.


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More Guava Benefits

The Immune system which is body’s defense mechanism which help in protecting your body from various diseases guava helps in improving its performance due to its high vitamin C content.

The risk cardiovascular disease can be reduced through its lycopene which is in the pink guava flesh.

The potassium in guava helps in maintaining normal heartbeat and high blood pressure control.

And the vitamin C found in the guava is very beneficial in improving the health of the small blood vessels.


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