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Most of the things that are termed uncomfortable for human, stuffy nose is one of them, because it make you to totally feel annoyed and uncomfortable.

Stuffy nose is believed to be caused due to the excessive mucus in the nose, but not, the stuffy nose is the symptom of inflamed blood vessels in the sinuses which can happen due to the flu, cold and allergies. And sinus infection is also one of the cause of the stuffy nose.

There is no exception as both adult and children can suffer from the problem of stuffy nose, and in infants the case is different because is considered to be a big problem as it can cause difficulty in breathing for infants, and it may lead to the lose of their life, that’s very bad but we don’t want such thing to happen.

So to get rid of the stuffy nose problem that’s why I tried to wrte on how to deal with the problem, stuffy nose is not alone because it is always accompanied and supported by other sypmtoms like sneezing, coughing, breathing difficulty, sinus pain, build up of mucus in the nasal passages, hoarse voice, watery eyes, mild fever and headache.

And stuffy nose can become another problem if left untreated because it can cause ear infection restlessness and sinus problem. Though the porblem of stuffy nose can be treated through different ways due to the availability of so many effective home remedies that can bring releif from stuffy nose by clearing the nasal passages.



Remedy 1


Apple Cider Vinegar Thedivest.com

Apple Cide Vinegar

To clear the nasal passage in order to get releif from the stuffy nose, apple cider vinegar is very important for that. It helps to thin the mucus due to its high potassium content, and it has acetic acid that prevents the growth of the bacteria and speed up the process of the healing.




Add 2 tablespoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar in one cup of warm water.

Add 1 tablespoon of raw honey into the cup.

Drink this solution twice daily.



Other procedure:

Mix 1/2 cup of water and apple cider vinegar together.

Now, boil the mixture.

Remove it from the heat.

Now cover your head with the mixture and inhale the steam with your eyes closed.

Do this 2 or 3 times a day.





Remedy 2

Steam Inhalation

If the steam is infused with some effective remedies, it can help and promote relief from stuffy nose.

This steam works and as expectorant that would help in clearing the blockage. It would help to keep the sinus moist by bringing relief from the blood vessels infalmmation which is the main cause of stuffy nose.




Get a small pan and fill with water

Allow it to boil, then off the heat.

Add some few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or peppermint into the hot water. (Note: This is optional)

Now lean to the pan and cover your head with a towel.

Then, inhale the steam for few minutes.

Repeat this 2 or 3 times daily.

Note: Children under 12 years, pregnant women, and those suffering from heart condition or a central nervous disorder and high blood pressure are not recommended fro this because it’s not suitable for their health.




Remedy 3



This has a great important to human and one of it’s important is that it helps to cure stuffy nose. It helps to get rid of the blockage due to its expectorant and decongestant properties, and it also strenghthen the immune and reduce the risk of inflammatory symptoms which would fight the infection and clear the blockage.





Boil 1 cup of water

Add 2 to 4 garlic cloves to the boiled water.

Let the mixture simmer for 2 to 3 minutes.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of tumeric powder and stir it.

Add a little black pepper powder into the mixture.

Take this 1 or 2 times daily.


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