How To Get Beautiful and Healthy Hair With Papaya DIY Hair Mask


How To Get Beautiful and Healthy Hair With Papaya

Sometimes someone can go crazy when his or her hair is dry and dull and he can do whatever it takes to restore his hair to normal condition and to get rid of dull and dry hair you might need the papaya hair mask, instead of all other products made of chemicals you can use the natural ingredients in order to help your hair and to keep it healthy.

The ingredients that are necessary and needed to make the papaya hair mask which are great and would help in keeping the hair hydrated and support hair growth include ripe papaya, hiney, coconut milk.

How To Get Beautiful and Healthy Hair With Papaya DIY Hair Mask


Benefits of the ingredients for hair care

Ripe papaya

This contain nutrients that support healthy hair growth and also help to make the hair shiny and smooth, these nutrients are vitamins A and C, beta carotene, coppre, potassium and magnesium. Also the enzymes in papaya prevent dandruff through preventing the buildup of oil and impurities on the scalp which is the main cause. It also perform the function of hair conditioner (if used in small quantity).



Coconut milk

Coconut milk helps in hair care for because of it high vitamin E and fat content which strengthen the hair directly from the roots. It also treat dry hair through softening. It can easily gets into the hair shafts, which result in promoting hair growth. If the scalp was messaged gently with coconut milk before taking a shower it support hair growth.




Honey is a good ingredient for the hair. It helps to soften and make the hair very smooth. It makes the scalp more healthier and promote hair growth by the present of antioxidant in it.


How to make papaya hair mask DIY (DO IT YOURSELF)



1/2 cup of peeled ripe papaya (cut into cubes)

1/4 coconut milk

1 teaspoon of honey



Insert 1/2 cup of peeled ripe papaya into a blender.

Add 1/4 of coconut milk.

Now, add 1 teaspoon of raw honey.

Then, blend the ingredients for some minutes, untill a smooth pasted is obtained.

Transfer the whole thing into a dish


How To Use:

Wash your hair.

Apply this mixture (hair mast) into your wet hair.

Cover your hair with a shower cap or something else.

Wait for at leats 30 minutes or more for the mask to do its work.

Now, rinse your hair with water

Repeat the process 1 or 2 times weekly.

This hair mask work as a conditioner, then you don’t need any shampoo for your hair after this, but if there is a little and lingering smell you can wash your hair with a mid shampoo the following day.



Additional Tips

Don’t use unripe papaya for this hair mask because of its latex fluid which can cause irritation and can yield to allergic reaction in some people.

Organic papaya is best considered make this hair mask.

Plain yogurt can be used instead of coconut milk.

You can add a little olive oil to the mask if your hair is more dried than expected.

Try including papaya in your diet (both ripe and unripe to boost hair growth).


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