Best Herbs For Asthma Treatment


Herbs For Asthma Treatment

Asthma is respitatory disorder, both children and adult have this problem but it can be acute or chronic.

When there is obstruction in the flow of air in the lungs it lead to asthma attack. The common causes of asthma include air pollution, humidity, strong emotions, cold air, respiratory infections, preservatives in food, physical activity, allergies, certain medication and sulfites, The excat cause of this attack is not known but its believed to connected with some factors that increases the risk of this attack which include existing allergic condition, genetics, excessive smoking and obesity.

The symptoms of asthma include coughing, difficulty in breathing, wheezing, tightness in chest and shortness of breath.

Best Herbs For Asthma Treatment



Remedy 1



Garlic has a anti-inflammatory properties which help to clear congestion in the lungs, it also contain antiviral and anitbiotic properties which help to improve immunity and fight infections that can lead to asthma.


How To Use:

Eat 2 cloves of garlic daily before breakfast in the morning together with honey and unfiltered apple cider vinegar.


Other way to use:

Add 2 or 3 garlic cloves.

Add 1/4 cup of milk.

Now, boil the mixture together.

Then, allow it to cool.

Drink this 1 time in a day.

More Info: To improve immunity and prevent asthma you can eat 2 crushed garlic cloves daily.


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Remedy 2



This herbs is very beneficial in the treatment of asthma due to its lung cleansing elements which are terpenes and flavnoids and carvacrol along with anti-inflammatory properties which provides relief from asthma common symptoms through reduceing the inflammation of the bronchial tubes and respiratory tract.


How To Use:

Add 3 teaspoons of oregano.

Now, add 1 cup of hot water to it.

Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.

Then strain it.

Optionally, you can add honey for better taste.

Drink it few times in a week.


Other way to use:

Extract the oregano leaves juice.

Take 1 teaspoon of the juice few times daily.

More Info: Its beneficial for asthma and chronic cough relief.



Remedy 3



This herb inhibit airway contraction and reduces the airway inflammation as well, due to its anti-inflammatory properties and it is one of the well know herb for asthma treatment.



How To Use:

Cut a ginger into smaller pieces.

Add 1inch of giner into a boiling water.

Leave it to simmer for 5 minutes.

Then, strain it.

Leave it to cool for some minutes.

Drink it daily.


Other way to use:

Mix equal ginger juice, honey and pomegranate juice together.

Take 1 tablespoon 2 to 3 times daily.


More Information:

Include some exercise in your daily life.

Always warm up before execising.

Avoid exercising in cold or dry air.

Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, indoor or outdoor pollution.

Wear a mask while cleaning your home and remember to clean your home once in a week.

Cover your nose mouth when going out in a cold.

Avoid artificial sweeteners, refined carbonhydrates, fried food, food additives, pocessed foods.

Try to know the causes of asthma and try to avoid them.

Always eat food rich in vitamin B12.



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Warning: Before taking any of the above herbs please consult your doctor, because those herbs may not be suitable for people suffering from kidney disease and other medical conditions as they may interact with certain medication.


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