Loving you message for him or her


loving you message for him or her

Loving someone’s can be cruel because in most cases both parties have to make sure they do what they can to make each other happy. Therefore here in theDivest we are always working harder on making love messages accessible to every lover out there.

Please feel free to go through our lovely text message that can make you partner blush.

♥Loving you is like the long awaited rain in the driest desert. It brings forth life, hope and joy where only desolation existed before.


♥I never knew that loving you would change me so much for the better. Because of you I enjoy life to the fullest, and I am full of vitality and happiness.


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♥Loving you is the most precious feeling in the world, a sensation of total bliss that grows wings every day enveloping my being in calm contentment and appreciation.


♥Loving you is the one feeling I will never want to forget or to lose.


♥Sweetie, I can without a shadow of a doubt say that loving you is the best feeling in the world.


♥I am so grateful to have found you, so happy for loving you, my dearest.


♥To love you is like nothing else in my life … I now share my life with you and I never want to let go.


♥Loving you brought life to en empty heart where nothing grew, where aimlessness reigned supreme.


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