Natural Home Ingredients To Use Instead Of Toothpaste


How To Make A Natural Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth few times daily is a part of oral hygiene including flossing and limiting your sugar intake, and keeping our teeth and gums health depends on what type of toothpaste we use, but luckily you don’t need to buy a toothpaste from the market because there are natural products that would work as a substitute and gives you the maximum health and protection you need.

And in addition those commercial toothpaste contain some harmful ingredients to our health that’s why we need a substitute for them so that it don’t destroy our oral health.

Making a natural toothpaste that would substitute the commercial toothpaste is a very simple process.


How To Make A Natural Toothpaste


Remedy 1

Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

 This is has a antifungal and antibacterial properties which makes it a very effective natural toothpaste, which is good for cleaning the mouth. It can also serve as a prevention for problems such as bad breath, gum disease, toothaches and also help reduce the plaque the your teeth.


How To Use:

Put 1 tablespoon of the oil (extra virgin coconut oil) in your mouth.

Swish the oil in your mouth.

Do the swishing for about 15 minutes.

Pour out the oil in your mouth.

Use plain water and rinse your mouth.

Then, dip a empty toothbrush in a water.

Use the damp toothbrush and brush your teeth.

Note: This should be done early in the morning as possible on a empty stomach.


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Remedy 2


Indian Lilac (a.k.a Neem or Margosa)

This is among the best natural toothpaste you can use as toothpaste alternative because it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which kills the bacteria causing the cavities, gingivities and plaque also including some other gum diseases, and it also provides fress breath.


How To Use:

Extract the juice of neem leaves.

Now, apply the juice on your teeth.

Wait for some few minutes.

Next, use a toothbrush which is very soft to brush your teeth.

Then, rinse off your mouth with warm water.


 Other way to use:

Chew one of the ends of neem stick.

Chew until it becomes soft.

Thes, use it to brush your teeth.



Remedy 3


Baking Soda

This is a very good natural toothpaste alternative to use as toothpaste on a daily basis to get a clean and white teeth. It is a good abrasive agent which help in whitening the teeth and also do neutralize the acids in the mouth to lower the chance of bad breath, and its one of the primary ingredients used in some commercial toothpaste.


How To Use:

Put in a small bowl a good amount fo baking soda.

Add water to the baking soda.

Then, add some few drops of essential oil (peppermint essential oil) in the mixture.

Use the mixture to brush your teeth as usual.

Warning: Do not eat anything in the first 30 minutes after brushing your teeth with baking soda, and remember to not use baking soda on a regular basis as it may gradually damage the tooth enamel.




Remedy 4



Turmeric is a very good ingredient to use as a natural toothpaste alternative, it helps in preventing the dental problems like toothaches and gingivitis through its anti-inflammatory, antiplaque and antibacterial properties.


How To Use:

Take 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder into a small bowl.

Add a little mustard oil and mix together to make a paste.

Now, put the paste on your toothbrush.

Use the paste to brush your teeth as usual.

Then, rinse off your mouth thoroughly.


Other way to use:

Take in 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder in to a glass.

Now, pour into the glass a lukewarm water.

Then, use the content of the glass as a mouthwash.

Swish the content in your mouth for few seconds.

Spit it out and rinse your mouth with plain water.



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Remedy 5


Orange Peel

Orange peel is very beneficial in maintaing oral health as it contains vitamin C that would in prevention of the growth of microorganism in the mouth which causes tooth decay, bad breath along with other oral problems. It also helps in the breaking dowm of plaqus through its limonene.

In addition, it also removes the stains on your mouth by keeping the white and shiny.


How To Use:

Use the inside of a orange peels and rub on your teeth.

Leave it for 5 minutes.

Now, rinse your mouth.

Do this few times daily as required.


Other way to use:

Grind an orange peel into powder.

Now, dip your brush in a water.

Remove the brush from the water and dip it again in the orange peel powder.

Use the dried orange peel powder to brush your teeth.


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